Graduate School of Child Development and Education

Application and admission

Child Development and Education (Research MSc)

Please take the following steps to apply to this programme:

Before applying

Please note that enrolment into the Research Master programme is restricted to a maximum of 15 students per year. The application deadline for this programme for the academic year 2018-2019 is 1 May 2018.

The programme is meant for students with a bachelor's degree in pedagogical sciences or in educational sciences, but  is also accessible for students with an bachelor's degree in an adjacent study (e.g., in psychology, sociology) who want to specialise in research in child development and education.

Both Dutch students and students from abroad can apply. 

All study materials are in English, and the language of instruction will be English as well.

After admission

Once you are admitted, follow the instructions provided by the faculty or programme staff regarding courses for which you might need to register separately.

International students: visit the section on coming to Amsterdam to learn more about housing, public transport and other practical matters.

Published by  POWL

30 October 2017