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Results: 61 - 71 of 71
Results: 61 - 71 of 71
  • 27 Jul 2009
    The role of education in a changing society

    Society is changing at a rapid pace, and our schools and education systems must adapt accordingly. Which steps are they taking to adjust, and what is the role of policymakers, parents, businesses, teachers and ...

  • 16 Jun 2009
    Does selection for secondary education produce inequality?

    Does selection for secondary education affect non-cognitive factors such as active citizenship and deviant behaviour? This is the key question in a review of education literature to be conducted by sociologist Herman ...

  • 16 Jun 2009
    Quality of childcare centres drops again

    According to a national study conducted by the Netherlands Consortium for Childcare Research (Nederlands Consortium Kinderopvang Onderzoek, NCKO), the educational quality of the care provided by Dutch childcare ...

  • 14 May 2009
    Computer programme improves reading skills

    Can a computer programme help to improve young children’s reading ability? This is the question addressed to in a new study conducted by researchers in the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences at the ...

  • 29 Apr 2009
    Research into the effects of guided reading aloud

    In collaboration with the Maatwerk Primair lectorate of the Almere teacher-training college for primary education, the SCO-Kohnstamm Institute of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is to embark on a two-year study of ...

  • 9 Mar 2009
    FMG to appoint 12 Academy Assistants

    The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) has presented the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences with a subsidy towards the appointment of 12 Academy Assistants (Akademie-assistenten). The ...

  • 24 Feb 2009
    Educational scientist Jan Ax wins teacher-training award

    University of Amsterdam education scientist Dr Jan Ax was awarded the Dutch Association for Teacher Educators’ (VELON) Gerard M. Willems Prize in February. Ax received the award in recognition of his article ...

  • 10 Feb 2009
    Educators define framework for organised childcare

    Dutch childcare centres have long been operating without a national pedagogical framework or scientific foundation of any kind. The new book Pedagogisch kader kindercentra 0-4 (‘Pedagogical framework for childcare ...

  • 10 Feb 2009
    Too many unqualified teachers in the classroom

    Twenty-five percent of teachers in the lower grades of secondary education teach on an unauthorised basis at least part of the time. Both qualified and unqualified teachers are unhappy with this situation, according ...

  • 27 Jan 2009
    Primary schools fully capable of pursuing their own policies

    Primary schools are perfectly capable of pursuing their own policies, according to a study conducted by the SCO-Kohnstamm Instituut (University of Amsterdam). In doing so, however, schools often encounter obstacles ...

  • 5 Jan 2009
    Children with lesbian parents in the US less happy due to homophobia

    Children with lesbian parents in the United States have lower psychosocial welfare than their Dutch peers, according to a study conducted by the University of Amsterdam and the University of California (San ...